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Making an overclock knob with nScope

I finally received my nScope lab kit from backing the project on kickstarter, and started playing around with it and its API. Even despite its lack of documentation, it’s surprisingly straight forward, giving you access to four signal generators (two analog and two pulse) which can also be used as outputs, four analog inputs, and the ability to easily power a breadboard via USB.

We are the namers

In a departure from the common theme of my blog, and what must unquestionably have been a fit of insanity, I temporarily forgot that I am not a poet and wrote some words on how I feel about my profession:

Ubuntu on Windows: First impressions

Ubuntu on Windows was just released to the (Insider) masses yesterday, and I’ve had a bit of time to play with it. It works surprisingly well, but the places where it doesn’t work stick out like a sore thumb, and hamper it from truly being a replacement for a linux-based VM.

Accessing Swift code in Objective C tests

If you’re working with a mixed Objective C and Swift codebase and you also write tests (if you’re not, you should be), you might need to access your Swift objects from Objective C tests. This does not work out of the box in XCode 6.1 (although accessing them from Swift tests works perfectly well), but I managed to find a workable (though not perfect) solution.

Unpacking optionals with switch in Swift

While I was working on a piece of code written in Swift I struggled with making complicated logic with optionals in a nice way. I eventually figured how to do it with the switch statement, complete with unpacking. I’ll first describe the background of the solution (in ways of examples), then the solution I came up with.

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