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We are the namers

22 Apr 2016

In a departure from the common theme of my blog, and what must unquestionably have been a fit of insanity, I temporarily forgot that I am not a poet and wrote some words on how I feel about my profession:

We descend upon digital chaos
to give it form and purpose
Like an army of godlings
sent by Alpha and Omega
to make life

Like the occultists of old,
and shamans before them,
We use names to form the chaos,
and incantations to construct their meaning

Many methods and tools exist,
arcane and otherwise,
many different schools of thought
and things over which to squabble,
but at the end there always is

the names.

The names that Bind
The names that Shape
The names that imbue the Meaning
and last we have
The names that grant
Control over the chaos

You may know us as the Programmer,
the Software Engineer,
the Hacker or the Coder,
and many other names besides,
but in truth these are abstractions.

We are namers, shapers of digital chaos
We build vast structures
of complexity upon complexity
We mold domains to serve our purpose,
but always upon the dual backs
of Names and Meaning

We are the namers.